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"The mayor [David Seaward] frequently did attempt to speak out, and make proposals on behalf of Seward’s under-privileged or less-represented populations, including small business, the poor, the homeless, and the disabled community, and the recreational needs of children." Reporter at Seward City News

“The mayor [David Seaward] frequently did attempt to speak out, and make proposals on behalf of Seward’s under-privileged or less-represented populations, including small business, the poor, the homeless, and the disabled community, and the recreational needs of children.” Reporter at Seward City News

Update 8/20/2014

On behalf of my campaign manager and myself, thank you for your vote of confidence and encouragements.  This website and Facebook for Congress is officially closed. Thank you for visiting the site and liking the page. If you do stick around, It will transition into a newsfeed under different title and contents will be about current commentary on Alaska Faith, Politics, Kindness and Pizza.

For full Federal financial campaign disclosure:

I filled out a federal form and was approved for exemption from financial campaign disclosure. Every candidate is allowed up to $5000.00 for personal campaign funds. Anything over $5000.00 would disqualify a candidate for exemption status and result in having to disclose all campaign finances.

I did not receive any financial gifts and only spent personal funds totaling $ 1600.00.

Thank you for all the support. Congratulations to Don Young on the Republican nomination and his recent engagement to his new fiancée.

David Seaward’s Contract with Alaskans:

David Seaward, a former mayor of great City of Seward, Alaska has voted for Congressman Don Young and even had signs put up on his lawn.  Mr. Young has served Alaska well, however,  David disagrees with the Congressman’s voting record and policies on crucial issues impacting Alaskans.  An old-school , hard working, free-market Conservative Republican, David has lost trust in elected politicians to represent the working class, small businesses, the disenfranchised voters and vulnerable Alaskans. David humbly asks for Alaskans to vote for him in the Republican Primary on Tuesday August 19, 2014.


Reforming Immigration with Rule of Law & Logic.

In the 2014 & 2015 Ryan/Murray Budget, Don Young voted to cut cost of living allowance (COLA) benefits for veteran retirees while still spending tax funds on Child Tax Credits for illegal aliens.  Congressman Young voted against Gohmert amendment to prevent housing subsidies for illegal aliens (HR 4745).  U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports Amnesty and has endorsed Congressman Young.

An open border threatens job opportunities for American workers, national security and drains tax funds.  David Seaward does not support the current Administration’s and Congressman Young’s blind-eye on illegals breaking the rule of law and logic.

Replacing Obamacare with Free Market Affordable Health Care : .

Don Young voted with  Eric Canter, Republican Majority House Leader, to fully fund Obamacare (H.R. 2775, 10/16/13).

David Seaward will work to defund and replace Obamacare with affordable patient and doctor centered health care. Currently there are four alternative health care plans pending in Congress including the latest, The American Health Care Reform Act (HR3121) with 130 co-sponsors.  As of June 26, 2014, Congressman Young has not co-sponsored HR3121 or  HR4600: Tax Free Health Insurance Act of 2014.  Seaward will co-sponsor both bills.

Creating Jobs and Prosperity:

Don Young has a record of voting with Eric Canter, Republican Majority House Leader, for unsustainable budgets, slush funds and subsidies to big multinational corporations and special interests ( Congressman Young’s voting record on House Resolutions (HR): HR2548, HR 2642, HJ59).   Alaskans have lost trust in U.S Congress with only seven percent (7%) approval rating.

David Seaward will expose and fight crony capitalism.   He will join the Liberty Caucus in Congress and work for a sustainable balance budget and free-market solutions to reduce the $17 trillion national debt and unfunded retirement/entitlement liabilities totaling over $125 trillion.  U.S. Debt-to-GDP Ratio is 101.6 %.  The nation of Greece Debt-to-GDP Ratio was 150% when their economy collapsed resulting in high unemployment and financial crisis.

Protecting Alaskans Privacy & civil Liberties:

Don Young has a record of voting for unconstitutional laws including indefinite detention on Americans without due process (HR4435).  Unconstitutional provision supporting NSA’s collection of personal communication and information and extending sunset date  (Congressman Young’s voting record on House Resolutions (HR): HR 4681, HR3361, HR4870).

David Seaward will uphold the oath of office and  never vote for unconstitutional laws.  He will work to repeal unconstitutional legislative laws that infringe on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 14th Amendments.  They are  critical to protecting personal privacy, property rights,  and due process in a fair, speedy public trial by an impartial jury.

Having Education Choice at the Local Level:

Our founders realized the importance of education.  Parents and teachers agree that school choice should be at the local level in developing testing standards and curriculum.  David Seaward supports educational choice.  He will co-sponsor the resolution, H. Res. 476, calling on states and school boards to “maintain the right and responsibility of determining educational curricula” and for federal government to stop incentivizing funds to adopt Common Core.   Currently there are 71 co-sponsors for H. Res.476 and, as of July 14, 2014, Congressman Young is not on the list to oppose Common Core funding.

Defending State Sovereignty & Right of it’s Residents:

David Seaward will not vote for unconstitutional laws and will work hard to secure Alaska’s State sovereignty as numerated in the 10th Amendment. The federal government shall not pass unnecessary laws regulating activities it has no jurisdiction or authority. David will support legislation protecting Alaska State’s rights and  protect from federal over reach as stated in the 9th. Amendment.

 Protecting Innocent life while Respecting a Women’s Decision:

The role of government is to protect innocent life.   The advancement of science and technology affirms the evidence of life before birth. During conception, when the male sperm penetrates the female ovum or egg, something magical happens creating a new human cell called a “zygote”. It’s composed of human DNA and human molecule making it undeniably human. After 22 days, the heart begins to circulate own blood and heartbeat detected. The scientific fact that life begins at conception is undeniable.  David Seaward, along with majority of Americans, supports protecting of innocent life and still respect a women’s decision.  He does not believe federal funds going toward abortion, however, supports funding to protect a woman’s health, safety and general welfare.  David Seaward supports House bills HR 7 ( no taxpayer funding for abortion.), HR940 (protects healthcare professionals who refuse to perform abortions.) and HR1797 ( the pain-capable unborn child protection act.).




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